Acupuncture, Acupressure & TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

History of Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is a very ancient form of healing that predates recorded history. The philosophy behind acupuncture is rooted in the Daoist tradition, which goes back over 8000 years. The people of this time would meditate and observe the flow of energy in the universe.

The primitive society of China is divided into two time periods – The Old Stone Age (10,000 years ago and beyond) and the New Stone Age (10,000 – 4000 years ago). During the Old Stone Age, knives were made of stone and were used for certain medical procedures. During the New Stone Age, stones were crafted into fine needles and served as instruments of healing. Many stone needles and needles made from bamboo and bone have been excavated from ruins in China.

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine are alternative medicine methodologies originating in ancient China. Acupuncture treats patients by inserting sterile thin, solid needles into acupuncture points (acupoints) in the skin at points that have a lower resistance to the passage of electricity than the surrounding skin. These points are part of a network that were mapped as ‘meridians’ or ‘channels’ believed to be the pathways by which energy or Qi (pronounced ‘Chee’) flows through the body, stimulating the correction of imbalances.

Medical Acupuncture in Canada:

Acupuncture, no doubt, has been used in Canada since the first Chinese immigrants came to the shores in the 19th century. After Reston’s revelation, interest in acupuncture became intense and Canadians were among the earliest visitors to the People’s Republic of China to observe and study it. In 1974, 10 professors of anaesthesia from universities across Canada went to China for an extended visit to learn acupuncture. Three of them set up acupuncture clinics in teaching hospitals that functioned for many years in Vancouver; London, Ontario; and Halifax.

Acupuncture & TCM are used to encourage natural healing, improve mood and energy, reduce or relieve pain and improve function of affected areas of the body. They are safe and effective and are often successfully used as alternatives to medications or even surgery. Relief is often obtained with acupuncture when traditional medical therapy has failed.
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