Patients Talk about CDPC Halifax

At Canadian Decompression & Pain Centers Halifax, we welcome all feedback from our patients. If you’d like to submit a comment about your treatment here, we invite you to visit our Contact Us page and use our convenient eForm to share your thoughts with us.

Here are some comments from previous patients:

Back in the Workforce!

After being diagnosed with 6 perforated and cracked discs and told there was nothing else that could be done by my doctor, I had lost all hope. I have been on disability for the last 10 years with severe pain and limited mobility. After seeing the ad for CDPC, I came in for a free consultation and after 25 treatments have had tremendous results and am back in the workforce! The staff at CDPC are very knowledgeable and keep me well informed. The entire staff is genuinely interested in the health and well-being of their patients, and the treatments I received have changed my life. –Eric

Significant Gains

I messed up my back and was just straining at work at my previous job, so I started coming here to get my spine decompressed. Over the last 12 sessions, I’ve noticed significant gains with my ability to not be in pain as much during the day and at
night and when I wake up in the morning. I feel that just by coming to these treatments, I’ve been able to make significant gains and improve the quality of my life back to where it used to be. –Michel

The Opportunity to Live Pain-Free

I am grateful for CDPC – it has given me the opportunity to live pain-free. Never thought it would be possible after so many injuries to be active again.

Thank you for everything. –Deborah

Friendly, Helpful and Compassionate

Everything that I am doing at CDPC has been very positive. People are very friendly, helpful and compassionate. –Karen

No More Tingling

I went to church Sunday, and I had no tingling in my legs, and I was able to stand up for about 15 minutes. No tingling at all, which I had before. –Elizabeth

Great Relief

I found a great relief from pain and better functions after coming to CDPC Halifax and getting my treatments. –Jacques

Before and After Spinal Decompression
Spine Conditions
Spinal Adjustments

Therapeutic Services

CDPC Halifax provides multidisciplinary natural and non-invasive services developed uniquely to every patient.

All the treatments are safe, comfortable, effective and are conducted and followed up by our registered, highly experienced medical staff. In fact, up to 85-90% of our patients return to their former pain/stress-free lives.

Reassessments are done during the course of treatment in achieving complete healing and regeneration. Our reconditioning and rehabilitation program will produce results quickly and safely.

Neuro-Oxygen Spinal Decompression

Pain Relief without Surgery!

Spinal Decompression Table
Are you currently dependent on medications on a daily basis for treatment of your pain? Are you considering surgery and uncomfortable with that choice? Have you already tried other physical therapies to no avail?

If your answer to any of these questions is “Yes,” then CDPC Halifax may be the solution through our revolutionary and specifically integrated treatment system.

Non-Surgical, Neuro-Oxygen Spinal Decompression was brought to CDPC by a team of doctors in 2005. CDPC Halifax is one of currently over 20 locations across Canada.

This successful treatment system has been called a 3-phased approach to relieve pain using the technology of non-invasive spinal decompression.

Non-invasive spinal decompression focuses on the repair of damaged and degenerated intervertebral discs caused by factors such as trauma, excessive strain or the natural aging of the human body.

It involves three phases:


Phase 1: Spinal decompression

Is a comfortable, painless procedure involving the use of a specially-designed computerized table, with biofeedback mechanisms that are used to create distractive forces on a region of the human spine in order to generate negative pressure in the focused inter-vertebral disc(s). Every patient’s treatment is customized based on factors such as severity of condition, chronicity, age, weight and patient sensitivities.

Phase 2: Oxygen enhancement

Offers eligible patients the unique combination of inhaling pure medical-grade oxygen while receiving their spinal decompression treatment. Oxygen is vital in the transportation of needed “repair nutrients” to the discs that allow for fast and efficient healing and regeneration of the inter-vertebral discs and joints.

Phase 3: Neuro-nutrition

It is the 3rd phase of the decompression therapy. During this phase, the patient is given a premium herbal blend in capsule or pill form (Conductivity Pills), along with an essential detoxification drink (E3Live®).

Remember that complete healing occurs within 4 to 6 weeks of therapy. You must continue to follow the healthy changes and the maintenance program tailored for you. You may feel better right away, but it also may take longer. A person’s recovery period is as unique as his injury, age, severity of injury, age of injury and additional health factors.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where did this technology come from?

A: This technology started in the U.S. and has been evolving for more than 10 years, resulting in a precise and effective way to treat pain. All our decompression machines have Health Canada and FDA approvals for clinical use.

Q: What is the success rate of this treatment?

A: The response to treatment varies for everybody as a number of factors come into play, including history of your condition, your body’s ability to heal and age. Statistically, more than 80% of all patients at CDPC will see a significant improvement.

Q: How long is each session?

A: Each decompression session will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes. This session will include heat pack, decompression, ice pack, exercises, massage or any other recommended therapeutic treatments. You should allow between 20 minutes to 1 hour for a treatment.

Q: What should I expect during each session?

A: During each session, you will be asked to lie down on the decompression machine, and you will be fastened to the table. As the session is in progress, you will feel a slight pull in your area of concern, depending on the protocol being programmed. You will also be given oxygen (administered through a nasal cannula) throughout the duration of the treatment. When the session is finished, you will be given the neuro-detoxifying agent to drink or any other herbal supplement as recommended by the doctor.

Q: Will I feel pain during or after the treatment?

A: NO. The treatment is painless. Many patients read or even nap during the treatment. After the treatment you may experience some discomfort or soreness, although it is rare. We recommend and may administer some ice packs to help the discomfort subside.

Q: When should I feel improvement?

A: It depends on your condition. Usually it takes a few sessions until you start feeling improvement.

Q: Does this treatment interfere with my regular activities of daily living and employment?

A: No. However, it is recommended that you refrain from any activity that will aggravate your condition. High-impact sports, golfing, gardening, snow shovelling, heavy lifting and new activities are not recommended while you are in therapy. Walking and swimming are fine. You can speak to one of our doctors or kinesiologist/assistants and they will advise you accordingly.

Q: What happens if I take time off therapy?

A: It is strongly recommended that you continue treatment on a consistent basis, as doing so will positively affect the healing process.

Q: What can I do to maximize the treatment’s success?

A: Our practitioners will recommend some exercises that will help strengthen your spine. We also recommend that you hydrate yourself to maintain the height of discs.

Q: Why are phases 2 and 3 important?

A: Stage 2, oxygen enhancements, offers patients a unique combination of inhaling pure-grade oxygen that will aid in the healing process of your spine. Stage 3, neuro-detoxification, acts as an anti-oxidant to minimize the number of free radicals that may be present after the treatment. The drink also helps deliver proper nutrients and enzymes to the body to enhance the healing process in the area of complaint and to help with overall help.

Q: How long will my relief last?

A: This treatment offers a long-term resolution unless the spine is re-injured.

Q: How much does this treatment cost?

A: Cost varies depending on the treatment plan prepared for each individual patient.

Q: What should I wear when I come in for this treatment?

A: You should wear comfortable clothing. During the day, if you are scheduled to do exercises, please wear running shoes.

Q: If I am sore at home, should I use a heating pad on the area?

A: No, heat is not recommended while you are in therapy. Once ice is applied, it will reduce the inflammation that may be causing you discomfort.

Q: Is it OK to drive a long distance after my treatment?

A: Yes. However, we recommend that you take a few rest stops to allow your body to move and stretch. Doing so will minimize any strain on the decompressed area.

Q: Will I receive any other treatments while I am at your clinic?

A: Depending on the treatment program devised for your condition, you may receive other treatment such as IFC, ultrasound or massage therapy. The doctors will assess you continually and make that decision as your program progresses.